I am able to offer the following services to home and small business users in the Hartlepool area.

Laptop and Desktop support

If you experience software problems on laptops or desktops (Not Mac's) then I am able to assist. This includes re installation of the original operating system if necessary. Providing the hard drive is readable, I always take a full backup of your data and photographs before carrying out a reformat and re installation as I know how important this information is to you. More often than not, this action is not necessary. 

You get your car serviced on a regular basis - computers need the same care - I can give your computer a 'service' to ensure it performs at its best.

Virus / Spyware / Trojan removal

Virus, Spyware and Trojans are malicious programs that have a major impact on your computer. Additionally, they can delete data, steal personal information and in some cases, prevent your computer from working at all. I can assist you in the removal and advice you on how to protect yourself in the future.


It is very important to carry out backups on a frequent basis. The majority of home computer users do not do this and when a major hardware fault occurs, everything on the hard drive can potentially get lost. Your digital photos for example are irreplaceable.  I can give you advice, set up automated backups or do the actual backup for you on a regular basis.

Website and Email Hosting

Do you want your own website? I can setup and host this for you. I can also provide you with email accounts as well as purchasing the domain name for you if required.